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Headlines of the week

Former Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico's left-leaning Smer party has won the country's parliamentary elections.
Officials say a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device outside the interior ministry in the Turkish capital.
Members of Turkish Police Special Forces secure the area near the Interior Ministry following a bomb attack in Ankara.
A female rickshaw puller on a crosswalk
Italian police officers watching migrants gathering outside the operational center  on the Italian island of Lampedusa on September 14, 2023.
Tarek Al-Wazir (l), Nancy Faeser (SPD), Boris Rhein (r) in Hesse's State Theater building
Bundesliga | Bayer Leverkusen v FC Heidenheim - Victor Boniface
House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries speaks at a news conference at the U.S. Capitol Building following passage in the House of a 45-day continuing resolution.
Members of the media wait for celebrities to arrive during the opening night of the Sphere
A firefighter walks towards the flames in Murcia in a screengrab obtained from a handout video
Nigerian interviewee speaks into DW microphone
US President Joe Biden (right) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy walk in the halls outside the White House during the latter's latest visit to Washington in September
Memorial stone for the victims of fascism seen in front of Adolf Hitler's birthplace in Braunau, Austria.
Robert Fico stands with three other men on a balcony with his right hand in the air
Man on bicycle in front of Afghan Embassy in New Delhi
DW Podcast  | Science Unscripted
Armenien Geflüchtete Berg-Karabach Aserbaidschan
Two white German police search a Black man
An aerial view shows toxic foam, product of the discharge of chemical products, as it covers the water of the Tiete river in Salto, Sao Paulo state, Brazil
Kosovo KFOR-Soldat in Pristina
A man cools off as he sits on a bench, overlooking a lake, with scores of people on the other side of the lake, in Berlin, in July 2022
Vietnamese rice farmer Trinh Hoang Cung pulls his catch of shrimp into his boat.
USA | Überschwemmungen in New York City
Quinwen Zheng won gold for China in the women's singles tennis
Newly elected Cardinal Stephen Chow, Bishop of Hong Kong, right, receives his biretta from Pope Francis as he is elevated in St. Peter's Square at The Vatican
Ethnic Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh sit next to their belongings near a tent camp after arriving to Armenia's Goris in Syunik region, Armenia
A video still showing a New South Wales police boat at the scene
Slowakei Parlamentswahl 2023 | Wahllokal in Trencianske Stankovce
A wing of a police car at night
Harry Kane holds his arms beside him
A canoe crosses the Rio Negro, whose dry banks border the picture on the left and right.
DW Arts Unveiled (Sendungslogo Composite)
Dokumentarfilm | Anders ackern - Bewusst imkern
A bombed out building in Mariupol
Floods in New York
DW News Africa Moderator Tomi Oladipo Artikelbild
[No title]
DW The Day Moderator Brent Goff (Artikelbild Detailseite)
Armed Kosovo police officer peaking out of vehicle in Mitrovica
Young mother Salome Aturinde holds her baby.
Xi Jinping and Vladmir Putin shaking hands
U.S. Capitol Building with switched off lights
IDP boy taking water at the village water point
Kosovo police officers patrol a road to Banjska monastery
DW Euromaxx (Sendungslogo Composite)
Tupac Shakur posing for a photo. Undated archive image.
A man works to clear a drain in flood waters in the Brooklyn borough of New York
DW Projekt Zukunft Sendungslogo Englisch (Tomorrow Today)
Niger Madama Französische Soldaten
DW "Global Us" Sendungslogo Composite
04.2015 DW Business Sendungslogo
Aerial view of a Chinese naval militia vessel on patrol near the Chinese-controlled Scarborough Shoal, as a Philippine fishing boat is seen anchored nearby
Crew members of the Geo Barents migrant rescue ship, operated by Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), distribute life jackets to a group of 61 migrants on a wooden boat during a rescue operation
Two bearded Sikh men
Members of the Sikh community protest against the Indian government in Toronto, Canada
A cobalt and copper mine
Menschen hoffen auf eine erfolgreiche Mondlandung durch Indien
DW News Asia Moderatorin Melissa Chan (Artikelbild)
Eva Brockmann smiles as she stands on stage wearing a white dress and a golden crown and raises a bouquet of flowers with her right hand
Close-up of Alberto Nunez Feijoo, touching his face, in Spain's parliament. September 29, 2023.
Many, many bees on a slate of wood
South Korean won in a wallet
An aerial view shows the felled Sycamore Gap tree, along Hadrian's Wall, near Hexham, northern England.
Bundeskanzler  Olaf Scholz Berlin Global Dialogue
Police officer holding up a stop sign as a small van approaches on the border from Poland
Living Planet 210318 Podcast Picture Teaser
A symbolic couple standing next to a double bed, she is pregnant. Title picture to the episode about sex during pregnancy from the series "Sex & the Body".
Virat Kohli applaiuds while playing for India
Symbolbild Illustration künstliche Befruchtung einer Eizelle
Two Afghan girls walk through a street in Kabul, where they are not allowed to go to school beyond grade 6
DW Afrimaxx Sendungslogo Composite
DW Afrimaxx 29.09.2023
DW Afrimaxx 29.09.2023
DW Afrimaxx 29.09.2023
Members of Republika, an extremist far-right party in Slovakia, standing on a stage campaigning.
Refugees lining up at the initial reception facility Eisenhüttenstadt in the German state of Brandenburg
The two symbols for men and women stadning next to each other, both thinking about love and sex, symbolized by a thought balloon with beating hearts. Title picture for the episode about female libido from the series "Sex & the Body".
The capital letters PMS on red ground. PMS meaning pre-menstrual syndrome. Title picture for the episode about PMS from the series "Sex & the Body".
Thumbnail Saftige Geschäfte
SHIFT | Icarus | Verhaltensbiologie
DW Sendung | Made in Germany 26.09.2023
DW Podcast  | Science Unscripted
Two girls pet a dog.
A man on a hill watching vehicles driving on the Lachin Corridor in Azerbaijan as ethnic Armenian migrants try to get to Armenia
Teenager - Mediennutzung
A view of a victim on a stretcher being transferred to an ambulance, following a suicide blast, in Balochistan Province, Pakistan
A technician walks through solar panels on October 22, 2016 during the opening ceremony of a new photovoltaic energy production site in Bokhol
E-powered busses lined up in a parking lot in Delhi
Refugees rescued by Aurora rescue vessel of Sea-Watch
Joe Biden speaking in Tempe, Arizona
A view of migrants arriving at the harbor of Lampedusa island, Italy.
Refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh are seen near a humanitarian aid center in Kornidzor.
Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer seated right, and Ranking Member Jamie Raskin
Cars and men against a mountainous backdrop
Two women embrace at the school in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Police officers restrain an angry crowd
Burkina Faso, Ouagadoudou | Ibrahim Traore
A large pipe system enters the ground
Garavsky arrives in court during the two-day hearings held in September
DW Podcast | Inside Europe | provisorisch f ROAD
Bundeskanzler  Olaf Scholz Berlin Global Dialogue
The civil war ended, but in Amhara region Fano militia continues fighting against the government forces
04.2015 DW Business Sendungslogo
DW Eco India (Sendungslogo Composite)
80% of residents in Volos lost power in the storm, as seen here with a woman holding an umbrella as she wades through a street knee-deep in water
Portrait of Soldier Travis King
Transgender sex workers talk to DW in Peshawar, Pakistan
Dark clouds roll past the US Capitol
Robert Fico, leader of the Smer-SD party, stands in front of a blue background printed with the year 2023 during an electoral TV debate, Bratislava, Slovakia, September 26, 2023
DW Sendung | To The Point | TTP Totale Eng
Hijab Frauenfussball
Myanmar military tanks on display at a 2023 parade
Michael Gambon, known for his role as the headmaster of iconic Hogwarts school
Launch of an Arrow-3 interceptor rocket
Frankfurt skyline with dark storm clouds
Spanien Flüchtlinge aus Afrika kommen in Arguineguin an
Fokus Europa Norwegen Russland Spitzbergen
DW Eco Africa (Sendungslogo mit Partnerlogos englisch)
Dokumentarfilm | Auf dem Mekong durch Laos
Projekt Zukunft | Klaerwasser
St. Pauli logo seen at the club's offices in Hamburg
Debris from Storm Elias lies in a pool of water.
DW Sendung | Made in Germany 26.09.2023
DW Sendung | Made in Germany 26.09.2023
1965 Porsche 911
SHIFT | Hass
Thumbnail EUROMAXX 23.09.2023
The company logo is seen on the headquarters of China Evergrande Group in Shenzhen, , China
A new study shows that glaciers in the Swiss Alps are shrinking at an alarming rate.
A photograph taken on August 24, 2023 above Gletsch, in the Swiss Alps shows tourists taking a picture of the Rhone Glacier and its glacial lake due to the melting of the glacier
A mourner holds up a picture during the funeral of victims of a devastating fire during a wedding celebration in northern Iraq.
Migrant rescue at sea
Police officers patrol past a poster for the 13th national congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam on a street in Hanoi, Vietnam January 20, 2021.
A rescue worker helps a child from a group of mainly Syrian migrants during a mission
Mother Nature Cambodia
Burkina Faso, Ouagadoudou | Ibrahim Traore
The Tashkent International Airport building
A Hwasong-17 ICBM at a military parade in Pyongyang
DW In Good Shape Sendungslogo Composite
Dried up Lake Titicaca
Ethnic Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh ride a truck on their way to Kornidzor in Syunik region, Armenia, as thousands flee the region after Baku took control last week
A man installing solar panels on the roof of a residential building. Symbolic, undated image.
A drawing of the trial against Yuri Garavsky
SHIFT | Agentur
Symbolbild I Flucht und Migration
An Islamic school, or madrassa, for transgender persons in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Ten-year-old Koonj Hakim sits on a bed writing.
An Afghan man approaching at high speed on horseback attempts to spear a small peg that was hammered into the ground.
A Senegalese woman buys fish from a vendor in Casablanca's Medina market
04.2015 DW Business Sendungslogo
A student waits in a corridor of the Arts Faculty at the Delhi University in New Delhi
Man wearing a face mask
A TV screen shows a file image of American soldier Travis King during a news program at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea
Members of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) open a hearing in a climate change case involving six young Portuguese citizens against 32 countries.
Narges Mohammadi with the cover of a book with title, 'White Torture,' in Persian.
Five of the six young people suing 32 European nations during a rally holding signs, the largest of which reads "Stand with the youth"
Parents in the French suburbs are trying to build trust between local youths and the police.
South Korean servicemen onboard military vehicles during a military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of its armed forces
Two excavators surrounded by destroyed houses clear away rubble and stir up large amounts of dust.
Pro-choice protesters in Zagreb, Croatia hold up a pink sign
Four youth activists walk in woods in Portugal
Giraffe, - Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata
Dokumentarfilm | Die Wagner-Gruppe - Russlands Söldner in Libyen
Projekt Zukunft | Mikroplastik
A woman and four children, ethnic Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, walk along the road from Nagorno-Karabakh to Kornidzor in Armenia.
Siblings Sofia Oliveira and Andre Oliveira, two of the six Portuguese children and young adults set to take 32 European governments to court, pose for a picture at a beach in Portugal.
View of a rural Ukrainian landscape through the camera lens of a drone.
DW Sendung | Made in Germany 26.09.2023
Refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh region in the back of a truck take out their passport upon arrival in the border village of Kornidzor.
Projekt Zukunft | Japankaefer
Holding a bullhorn, President Joe Biden joins striking United Auto Workers on the picket line in Van Buren Township, Michigan.
Nach Aufstand der Söldnergruppe Wagner in Russland - Wladimir Putin
Young tourists sit at a viewpoint overlooking Barcelona.
DW Sendung | Made in Germany 26.09.2023
Charred wreckage of the wedding hall in northern Iraq
Refugees wait after crossing the border and arriving at a registration centre of the Armenian foreign affairs ministry, near the border town of Kornidzor, on September 25
DW Euromaxx (Sendungslogo Composite)
Hikmet Hajiyev
Home Secretary Suella Braverman delivers a keynote address on global migration challenges at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC, during her three-day visit to the US. Tuesday September 26, 2023.
Holding a bullhorn, President Joe Biden joins striking United Auto Workers on the picket line in Van Buren Township, Michigan.
The X logo (formerly Twitter) on a smartphone screen
77 Percent Sendung #185
A tractor pulling an Amazon prime trailer — a row of which can be seen in the background
Mali | Colonel Assimi Goita
DW Rev Sendungslogo deutsch und englisch
DW Still Beitrag REV Automuseum
female rickshaw puller with rickshaw
DW Still Beitrag REV Second Car
DW Still Beitrag REV German Fear
Smartphone mit Tiktok-Logo
04.2015 DW Business Sendungslogo
People cross through the Pak-Iran Friendship Gate in Balochistan's border city of Taftan
Kamila Valieva skating in Beijing
Supporters of the military administration in Niger storm French air base
South Korean armored vehicles take part in a parade during the 75th South Korea Armed Forces Day ceremony in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2023.
 Hiten Noonwal, an artist and a cross-dresser in New Delhi, India
A diesel pump at a gas station in Germany
A German police van parked across the road in a representative photo for a story about authorities searching locations across northern, western and southern Germany as part of an investigation into smuggling of Syrian migrants
DW "Global Us" Sendungslogo Composite
Smoke rises from an explosion outside Stepanakert.
Carsten Linnemann presenting the CDU's new colors and logo
SHIFT | Markt
Thumbnail EUROMAXX 23.09.2023
An aerial view of trees and a river flooding its banks in Himachal Pradesh, India
A volunteer sanitation brigade clean the drainage canals in Alakro, a settlement in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Iranian singer Samin Ghorbani
Rescue boat carrying migrants moves along the shore of the Italian island of Lampedusa.
Dänemark Fokus_Dänemark_Hund_Sinfonie
A crane lifts a shipwreck out of the Danube river in Budapest, Hungary, in June 2019.
Tensions in Kosovo after shootout
Dokumentarfilm | Das Dorf der Hässlichen - Piobbico rebelliert gegen den Schönheitskult
Pokrovske resident Iryna Boroshnova, her son and DW's Max Zander stand in an empty water basin.
Two excavators surrounded by destroyed houses clear away rubble and stir up large amounts of dust.
Senegal | Frauen kämpfen um gleiche Zugänge zu Landrechten
Melting icebergs are seen on Horseshoe Island.
Two girls shaking hands, girl on left in front of a chalkboard with Polish phrases, girl on right with German.
Polish soldiers on tanks take part in a military parade in Warsaw on Polish Army Day
View over the coastline of Niue, South Pacific
Flames over fuel depot in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan
Two Polish border guards and their dog
Supporters of the military administration in Niger storm French air base
The Naranjo River moves through the "Dios es fiel," or "God is Loyal" shanty on the outskirts of Guatemala City, Monday, Sept. 25, 2023, the day after homes were swept away overnight after heavy rain.
DW Business (Sendungslogo Composite)
Frankreich | Emmanuel Macron und Mohamed Bazoum
A construction site for housing near Scharnhausen.
BG Fabelwesen und Nessi
Giant bubbles of methane gas in the Baltic Sea, seen from the air
A sign with the inscription Arctic Ocean stands on the coast. In the background you can see two benches and the sea.
SHIFT | Karriere
A general view of Derna, a city inundated by water, buildings and roads severely damaged and broken, after Storm Daniel hit the region, Sept. 12
QSchools / Teaching climate change in Pakistan's schools
QQuota/ India Women's Reservation Bill
Thumbnail EUROMAXX 23.09.2023
A dog swims towards the outstretched arms of a person.
Altes Rathaus und Marktplatz, Bonn Flash-Galerie
Türkei | Erdbebenregion - Asbest in Hatay
An Apple logo on a smart phone with the Chinese flag and Huawei logo in the background
USA | Streik in Hollywood Joely Fisher, Fran Drescher und Duncan Crabtree-Ireland
Kosovo police officers patrol on a road to Banjska monastery, in the aftermath of a shooting incident, near Zvecan, Kosovo
An elderly woman and children sit on bags of belongings as residents gather in central Stepanakert to leave Nagorno-Karabakh, a region inhabited by ethnic Armenians, September 25
Chinese Coast Guard boats close to the floating barrier are seen on September 20, 2023, in this image released by the Philippines Coast Guard on September 24
Videostill | Kwame Nkrumah
International Legion in Ukraine
Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni speaks at the Italian Parliament.
A woman in India stringing together a bunch of vetiver grass
An above view of the mini hydropower plant "Hydrobox", that channels water from the Sagana river in Central Kenya
Flucht der Karabach-Armenier
USA, Los Angeles | Schauspieler-Streik
DW Podcast  | Science Unscripted
Matteo Messina Denaro being escorted by police
NASA OSIRIS-REx spacecraft Rückkehr