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Headlines of the week

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius is seen here with soldiers of the cyber force of the German Armed Forces, Bundeswehr.
A cargo ship crosses the Kerch Strait as the Crimea bridge is seen behind.
Moshe Zimmermann at a podium
A swimming pool and a luxury hotel against a blue sky
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad Al Nakhalaj discuss the ceasefire proposal before they response to Qatari and Egyptian mediators in Doha, Qatar.
A family sitting near a fountain in Bonn, Germany
Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico addresses the nation for the first time after he was shot on May 15, 2024, screen grab taken from a social media video released on June 5, 2024
Oleksandra Matviichuk, a young woman with long auburn hair, speaks into a DW microphone
Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu addresses the nation.
DW Dokumentation | Griechenland - Insel-Entdeckungen in der Ägäis
An Aedes albopictus mosquito sitting on a person's skin
A view of women and babies at the Zamzam displacement camp
A statue of Lenin near a church tower in the autonomous region of Gagauzia, Moldova
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, speaks to South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, right.
Afrimaxx | Cheza Cheza
Afrimaxx | Koesisters
240612 Infografik DW FactCheck Sugarloafmountain Sea Levels EN
A woman pours water on her head after filling her containers with drinking water from a municipal tanker on a hot summer day in New Delhi, India, May 21, 2024
DW Science | AI Lexicon by Zulfikar Abbany
DW Science | AI Lexicon by Zulfikar Abbany
People waving large Germany flags in Berlin during a 2006 World Cup football game
Ghana Überschwemmte Gemüsefarm
Workers from Niger and China are seen on the construction site of an oil pipeline in the Niger in 2022.
A Ukrainian soldier wearing a mask sits in front of a river with a rifle next to him and speaks into the camera.
DW Made in Germany | Opel Elektromobilität
Magazin Global Us | Uganda Treehugging
The scene of forest fires in the Pantanal wetland in Porto Jofre, Mato Grosso State, Brazil, on November 13, 2023.
Joe Biden greets son Hunter Biden at Delaware Air National Guard Base in New Castle
DW The Day Moderator Brent Goff (Artikelbild Detailseite)
Volodymyr Zelenskyy (L) and Olaf Scholz (R) look at each other during a joint press conference in Berlin
Afghanistani elderly pilgrims wait outside the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski speaks into a DW microphone
Made-Logo over an image of an Opel electric car
BG Wasserverbrauch Anbauprodukte Afrika | kakaobohnen in der Elfenbeinküste
Malawi's Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima
A hand holds Nigerian Naira bank notes
Hunter Biden in a Delaware courtroom on June 11
A group of light brown horses runs through a gray-green, barren landscape.
DW Rev Sendungslogo deutsch und englisch
DW Rev Sendungslogo deutsch und englisch
DW Rev Sendungslogo deutsch und englisch
Sendung I Tomorrow Today -Projekt Zukunft (PZ)
A man carrying a bag of wheat at a wholesale food market in Karachi, Pakistan
German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck gestures as he speaks into a DW microphone
Georgians protest on the streets of Tbilisi, with one man holding a dog wrapped in the Georgian flag
A stack of sandwiches with various fillings, cut into triangles
Police gathered outside of Berlin's Olympic Stadium
The Kharkiv Combined Heat and Power Plant CHP damaged by Russian shelling.
DW Dokumentationen | Lettland: Überbleibsel der Sowjetunion
A museum worker shows the robbed treasury of the Art Museum, Kherson.
An visualization of a dense forest surrounded by city streets and buildings, as seen from directly above
[No title]
Ursula von der Leyen walks behind a row of EU flags
Olaf Scholz, looking up, is pensive
A view of two elephants holding another elephant by its tail
French President Macron speaks after being presented with an international award
A mass of cheering people hold hands with their arms upfifted while some Hungarian flags can be seen in the background
A honeybee hovers next to a purple crocus
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck look on after a government statement about current security issues at the lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, in Berlin, Germany, June 6, 2024.
DW Dokumentation | Philippinen - Kinder tauchen nach Gold
French President Emmanuel Macron
A protester with a blindfold and rope around his neck holds a placard calling for the ablishment of the death penalty.
A man walks through a park in Sacramento , shirtless, under the blazing sun
Composite photo: three people, the DW logo, the words "fact check" and "AI generated"
Eco India 7.6.2024
Chinese President Xi Jinping (L) and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seen in profile against a backdrop of a Chinese and other flags
A view of the heavily enforced border between Egypt and the southern Gaza Strip
A photo combining portraits of Iran's six presidential candidates
DW "Eco Africa" Sendungslogo mit Partnerlogos (Composite)
Workers inspecting the floating solar panels on the Bui reservoir in Ghana.
A group of volunteers meets at the 10,000-year-old sand dune in Berlin.
French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen followed by party President Jordan Bardella arrive on stage
The French President at the Touquet polling station
A young woman looks straight at the camera, with a doubtful look on her face
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz attends a press conference, seated in front of a row of blue and white Israeli flags
People dressed in black gesticualting on a stage.
AfD candidates celebrate on election night
A man and a woman smiling, the man resting his arm on the woman's shoulder
A group of young people demonstrate in Berlin
DW "Global Us" Sendungslogo Composite
A group of young men look at photos on their phone in Pretoria, South Africa
DW Focus on Europe Sendungslogo
This screenshot shows France's President Emmanuel Macron during a televised address to the nation in which he announced snap general elections
EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks with supporters in Brussels on Sunday evening, her arms outstretched
A middle-aged man speaks into a DW microphone
Benny Gantz
Ukrainian soldiers use the German Patriot air defense system
A man appears to fly through the sky
Two women play with a baby in a playpen in a backyard garden of a farmhouse.
A group of airmen stand next to a multi-purpose helicopter
Prime Minister Garry Conille speaks during the ceremony to hand over the ampliation of the decree appointing him as Prime Minister
The reconstructed Amber Room in Saint Cathrine's Palace near St. Petersburg
Illustration showing a bust of Nefertititi with her hands tied up and her mouth taped in front of Berlin's television tower
DW Arts Unveiled (Sendungslogo Composite)
Doku | Benin - Flucht vor der Dürre
A person is embraced by two other people
Aita Prasad Gurung, 40, cuts a honeycomb as he hangs onto a ladder made by villagers using bamboo and tree trunks
A woman wearing a face mask walks past a mural of medical workers painted in the center of Merida
A view of the city of Abuja, Nigeria, from beyond the trees and into the distance, the hills
A young man stands in front of the entrance to Berlin's Olympic Stadium
Dänemark Ministerpräsidentin Mette Frederiksen
Relatives of released hostages arrive at Tel Hashomer (Sheba) hospital.
Georg Winterling Sepsis
Children stand near a crater caused by Israeli bombardment in a street in Rafah
Doku Plan KW 23 Giftwolken über dem Irak
A posting depicting a smear campaign against Georgian politicians and activists
Frankreich D Day Feierlichkeiten Macron und Selenskyj
Pictures of resting soldiers are seen on a huge screen during a D-Day national commemoration event in Portsmouth, England
DW Euromaxx (Sendungslogo Composite)
The CEO of an AI startup stands laughing in the backyard of his company in Berlin.
DW Tomorrow Today Sendungslogo Composite
Three people stand outside of a red-brick building on a cobblestone street, an open gate
Ursula Haverbeck speaks with her lawyer Wolfram Nahrath at the beginning of her appeal proceedings in the regional court in Hamburg
DRK Prozess gegen mutmaßliche Putschisten
Artillery shells in a factory
DW Sports Life Sendungslogo Composite
Smoke billows above the Lebanese village of Majdel Zoun after an Israeli airstrike on April 15, 2024
Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck in 'Mickey's Christmas Carol' (1983)
Südafrika | Wahlen
Vorschaubild Planet A
Living Planet 210318 Podcast Picture Teaser
Close-up of the face of a young bearded man
Tesla's new Cybertruck is shown on display at a Tesla store in San Diego
An Israeli soldier on top a tank on the border with the Gaza Strip
Ludwig van Beethoven, seen in a sketch
An old woman paddles a boat along the shore of Gardi Sugdub Island
Two soldiers train with the Patriot missile system
DW Eco India (Sendungslogo Composite)
A man smokes in front of a sign that reads 'We don’t want to be criminals' as Germany's friends of cannabis celebrate the part legalization of the drug
View of a United Nations employee in a blue t-shirt inspecting the rubble inside a destroyed building
French President Emmanuel Macron (R) awards US WW II veteran Bob Pedigo (center L) with the Legion of Honor during a commemorative ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day
Europawahl 2024 | Wahlplakate Frankreich
DW Dokumentationen | Die Gier nach Meer
DW Podcast | Inside Europe | provisorisch f ROAD
People cast their votes for the European Parliamentary Elections at a polling station in Castricum
DW News Africa Moderator Tomi Oladipo Artikelbild
An Indian worker takes a bath under a public tap on a scorching hot afternoon
DW Sendung To The Point | TTPE Totale
DR Kongo | Luhihi-Goldmine in der östlichen Provinz Süd-Kivu in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo
An elderly farmer stands in a dry rice field
A person walks along a water-logged path, carrying a red umbrella
Großbritannien | Gedenkveranstaltung zum 80. Jahrestag des D-Day im englischen Portsmouth
Bildergalerie Olympiastadion Berlin
Yulia Navalnya, wearing a pink suit, stands in front of the DW logo
People walk in a flooded area in the Cavalhada neighbourhood after heavy rains in Porto Alegre, Brazil May 23, 2024
Europawahl 2024 | Trockenheit & Hitze
DW Sendung The 77 Percent | Deaf Couple
DW Focus on Europe Sendungslogo
Two fishers carry yellow crates on a beach
Deutschland Magdeburg | AfD Mitglied Maximilian Krah
Two Taliban representatives sit at a conference, with the country plaque for Afghanistan in front of them
Illustration Vogelgrippe
Ancient frescoes in Pompeii depicting mythological characters Helen and Paris according to a Greek inscription
D-Day veteran John Roberts poses with his birthday card from King Charles III and Queen Camilla