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Sex & the Body - Episode 6 - Breasts: The picture shows two pieces each of various types of round fruits.

Breasts can be big or small ― and they keep changing, too

Sex & the Body - Episode 6 Extra - Breast Self Exam: How to examine your breasts? The picture shows a female torso in a green shirt with the arms on her hips.

How to conduct a breast self exam

Sex & the Body - Episode 6 - the Female Orgasm: The picture shows a female playmobile figure standing on the top of a hill holding a flower in her hand.

The female orgasm: How many stages to the top?

Sex & the Body - Episode 7 - Fertility: How do a sperm cell and and an egg cell get to have a romantic rendez-vous? The picture shows a sperm and an egg cell sitting around a table with two glasses of wine and a candle.

Age, menstrual cycle, sports: How they influence fertility

Sex & the Body - Episode 8 - the Pelvic Floor: Who holds nearly everything together? The picture shows a gold medal laying on red velvet in a golden box.

The pelvic floor: The hidden champion

Six different panties, three of them showing white stains illustrated with confetti.

Vaginal discharge: Pantie stains are normal

Picture shows a Playmobil figure having mowed the grass around it into a heart shape

Feminine Hygiene: How to wash your vulva and vagina right