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Nigeria | GirlZ Off Mute

GirlZ Off Mute:Nigeria star child actress -Angel Onyi Unigwe

Girlz off Mute | Malawi | Mkwichi Secondary School in Lilongwe

GirlZ Off Mute: At what age should teens start dating?

Ghana Girlz off Mute

Should kids in Africa have uniforms that reflect Africa?

Gambia | GirlZ Off Mute

Exclusive interview with Gambia's First Lady

Tsitsi Dangarembga - author Simbabwe

Honoring Tsitsi Dangarembga

GirlZOffMute Nigeria

GirlZ Off Mute trailer

GirlZ Off Mute in Uganda

GirlZOffMute: Debate on social media platforms

GirlZ Off Mute Kenya

GirlZ Off Mute – Educating girls in Kenya

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Afrika Filmproduktion Nigeria Nollywood

Nigeria's film industry gets streaming boost

Molecular biologist and science writer Kai Kupferschmidt says imposing travel bans could discourage countries from identifying and reporting new virus variants.

'Travel restrictions create a disincentive,' molecular biologist warns

Growing COVID vaccine acceptance in Ghana

Growing COVID vaccine acceptance in Ghana

Südafrika illegale Goldmine bei Soweto, Johannesburg

Refugees in South Africa searching for gold