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Seagulls over informal hilltop dump, with a tractor and various debris, trees in the valley

Seagulls are flying garbage detectives

Norway has launched the test of the world’s first fully-autonomous electric cargo ship.

Norway: The future of shipping

For Cengiz Kocak, soaring through the sky at top speed to get to work isn’t out of the ordinary.

Flying from the office by wingsuit

After almost 80 years of neutrality, Finland is poised to join NATO.

Finland poised to join NATO

A Ukrainian club owner is trying to help people escape from Mariupol.

Ukraine: Fleeing Mariupol

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Malian migrant to Gran Canaria Madala Tounkara gazes out across small boat at port

Migrants dying on their way to Canaries

Eco India | Sendung vom 04.03.2022

Istanbul's commuting canine

Eco India | Sendung vom 04.03.2022

Europe's push for smart cities

Ukrainian writer documents war from Kyiv

Ukrainian writer documents war from Kyiv