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Live TV — DW English

Live TV — DW English

DocFilm — Hope is Green - Can Algae Save the World?

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July 14, 2024
03:30 UTC
DocFilmHope is Green - Can Algae Save the World?
Using algae to solve humanity’s most pressing problems - that’s the ambitious aim of a team of researchers from Germany. After all, algae are posessed of staggering superpowers: for example, the ability to bind CO2. Algae can also be used to make plastic substitutes and even medication.
04:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
04:15 UTC
Sports LifeAn Indian Climber’s Olympic Dream
Deepu Mallesh, one of Asia’s best speed climbers, dreams of taking part in the Olympics. But for an Indian who wasn’t born into a rich family that’s an almost impossible dream. Sponsors hesitate to invest in athletes like Deepu. But the tight-knit climbing community rallied to support him via crowdfunding. Now Deepu is not only fighting for himself but for the development of climbing in India.