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South Asia

DW Breaking Barriers

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Indonesian activist Saraiyah

How an Indonesian woman is fighting child marriage

Lilik Indrawati

Indonesia: Survivors of domestic violence ally for justice

Bangladesch erste Transgender Frau als News-Moderatorin im TV

Transgender anchor hopes to drive change in Bangladesh

Nine-year-old climate activist Licypriya Kangujam

Child activist: 'Our leaders are ruining our lives'

Humaira Farah, Pakistan's first female cricket umpire

Meet Humaira Farah, Pakistan's first female cricket umpire

Afghan activist Laila Haidary

Afghan activist helps her community fight drug addiction

Taiwan indigenous singer fights to sing 'men's' song

Taiwan indigenous singer fights to sing 'men's' song

Latest Videos

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Achro Thar, Pakistan: Collectors work digging the hard layer of salt from the lake surface

Pakistan's salt collectors scrape out a tough living

In Afghanistan, a Sikh priest prays at the Karte Parwan Gurdwara temple in Kabul

Sikhs weigh leaving Afghanistan

Graffiti on a wall in Kolkata

Businesses hit as omicron nears peak in India

Rediscovering natural dyes in Indonesia

Rediscovering natural dyes in Indonesia

Kabul street scene

Afghan women struggle to keep jobs

Xi Jinping

China's Xi urges nations to cut supply chain risks

Migrant domestic workers in Taiwan demand the freedom to change employers and better working conditions

Taiwan's domestic migrant workers demand better conditions

Centrifuge machines in an Iranian uranium enrichment facility in a state-run TV image from April 2021

Was the Iran nuclear deal a 'historic mistake'?

Asia Pacific


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