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DW Key Visual Shadows of german colonialism
Image: Comic Republic

Shadows of German Colonialism

A series exploring how German colonialism in Africa met fierce resistance, and descended into exploitation and violence. We find out how Germany's colonial legacy is remembered today.

Through 10 podcasts and short videos, Shadows of German Colonialism sheds light on Germany's devastating colonial history across Africa. We discover how Germany's territorial conquest led to exploitation and unimaginable violence, and how that colonial oppression still impacts societies in Tanzania, Namibia, Togo and Cameroon to this day. 

The Shadows of German Colonialism series is produced by DW, Germany's international broadcaster, with funding from the German Foreign Ministry (AA). Our artwork is designed and rendered by Nigeria-based studio, Comic Republic.

Where to find the podcast?

Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

Production Team:

Cai Nebe - Lead producer

Julia Hitz - Lead producer

Chrispin Mwakideu - Editor

Thomas Mösch - Adviser

Gwendolin Hilse Lardner - Executive producer

Claus Stäcker - Executive producer

Historical consultants: 

Prof. Lily Mafela

Prof. Kwame Osei Kwarteng

Reginald Kirey 

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