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Little Britain in the Dordogne - Baguettes not Brexit

March 30, 2024

More and more Brits are leaving the Brexit chaos behind -- and seeking their fortunes in France. But their home nation’s exit from the European Union means they now face a plethora of bureaucratic hurdles.


Nicola and Graham Parker live in southwestern France: Irritated by the economic crisis and Brexit chaos, they sold their house in England and bought an old country estate in Montignac-de-Lauzun. They’re among some 9,000 Brits who’ve relocated to the Dordogne. But Britain’s exit from the bloc is complicating the transition. The couple must now navigate a whole host of bureaucratic hurdles, all of which require time, money and strong nerves. They have to apply for a residence permit, demonstrate language skills and pass citizenship tests. As for the locals, some resent the presence of the Brits in their villages.

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