The Making of a World Cup Legend | World Cup 2006 | DW | 11.02.2005
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World Cup 2006

The Making of a World Cup Legend

Germany has a long and successful association with the World Cup which has led to the Germans being one of the tournament's legendary teams. Here, DW-WORLD remembers Germany's greatest World Cup games.

While Brazil may have won the World Cup more times and in more flamboyant style, the Germans are second only to the samba stars in the list of all-time greats and are renowned as one of the legendary sides in the history of the competition. Finalists in seven of the 17 World Cups since the inaugural tournament in Uruguay all the way back in 1930, Germany have been champions three times and have graced the final, although unsuccessfully, a further four times.

Germany's record in World Cup finals speaks for itself but many of the team's greatest achievements have come in other games within the tournament. While in some cases Germany's route to the World Cup has been little more than effective, the team has always risen to the challenge of the big stage once qualification has been achieved. Throughout the competitions history, the Germans have been involved in some of the World Cup's most memorable games when it really mattered.

Here, DW-WORLD recounts five of Germany's most exciting contests from the team's long association with the greatest prize in international soccer.

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