Start Up Berlin - City of Ideas II | Made in Germany | DW | 18.02.2014
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Made in Germany

Start Up Berlin - City of Ideas II

Internet startups are a risky venture, as 26-year-old Luis-Daniel Alegria found out. But just when it looked like his company had failed, everything changed.

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Internet startups were booming in Berlin - and Luis-Daniel Alegría was on board. Together with three friends he developed an event app for smartphones. "Vamos" was designed as a platform for everyone looking for unusual events. The company got off to a strong start, funds from investors flowed and their app even earned awards. But then things took a downturn and by the fall of 2013, the founders had used up all their savings. "The situation was hopeless," says Alegriá. "I despaired of my decisions, of Vamos, and of myself." But then came the change, everything turned around and the adventure began all over again. In our first series, DW reporters Danijel Visevic and Grit Hofmann followed Luis-Daniel Alegría and his company Vamos for six months. The last part of the series aired exactly one year ago. The reporters have continued to stay in close contact with Vamos, through the lows - and the sudden and unexpected high: time now for the second series.