Online Magazine “ - Dialogue with the Islamic World” now also in Turkish | Press Releases | DW | 07.02.2007
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Press Releases

Online Magazine “ - Dialogue with the Islamic World” now also in Turkish

Multilingual Dialogue with the Islamic World online by February 12

default - now online in four languages

12 February 2007, the online magazine " - Dialogue with the Islamic World" ( will add a regular Turkish edition to its current range of tri-lingual publications. In addition, provides in-depth coverage in a comprehensive dossier on "Turkey and the EU".

EU membership negotiations with Turkey is one of the most widely debated issues in Europe and Turkey today. In the dossier, examines the key questions surrounding this topic.
For its new Turkish edition, the portal for dialogue with the Islamic World has put together a team of writers from Germany, Turkey, and the Arab world. Background reports, essays, commentaries, analyses, interviews, letters to the editor, and profile pieces in the areas of politics, society, and culture give new insights into today's complex issues. has been publishing articles online in German, English, and Arabic since March 2003. The online magazine is funded by the German Foreign Office as part of its "European-Islamic Cultural Dialogue" initiative, and supported by Deutsche Welle, the Goethe Institute, the Federal Centre for Political Education, and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa). examines intercultural commonalities and encourages dialogue without avoiding controversial issues.

The Turkish-language edition at has been created within the scope of the "Ernst Reuter Initiative for Intercultural Dialogue and Understanding " launched by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Guel on 7 September 2006. The goal of the initiative is to work together with partners from the business community, the media, education, and research to intensify German-Turkish cooperation – focusing on the areas of media cooperation, youth exchanges, integration, and research.

7 February 2007

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