Germany′s Climate Innovators | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 22.11.2017
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climate protection

Germany's Climate Innovators

Energy production, food, mobility, waste: Four videos highlight German innovation in these key areas - projects that, each in their own way, protect the climate. Say hello to Germany's climate innovators.

Watch the web videos on Facebook:

A sunny future for e-cars?
Making coffee cups from coffee waste
Winds of change: The do-it-yourself windmill
Germany's bug burgers

You can also watch the longer-format video reports on Germany's Climate Innovators, for four key fields:


Watch video 04:04

Making coffee cups from coffee waste


Watch video 03:44

A sunny future for e-cars?


Watch video 03:43

Germany's bug burgers

Energy production

Watch video 04:33

The do-it-yourself windmill


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