Germany′s 16 states: Bavaria | DW Travel | DW | 25.11.2020
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Federal States of Germany

Germany's 16 states: Bavaria

Bavaria is Germany's most famous vacation region. In winter and summer, visitors from all over the world enjoy the fascinating mountain world, rejoice in living traditions and warm hospitality.

With an area of more than 7,000 square kilometers (2,700 square miles), Bavaria is Germany's biggest federal state, and no other state embodies so many of the cliches about Germany: from the mountains and their green meadows to the fairy-tale castle of Neuschwanstein, to traditional costumes and Bavarian beer at Munich's Oktoberfest. 

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Travel tips for Bavaria

Munich: The state capital

Let your gaze wander over Munich from the church tower at St. Peter's Church, listen to the musicians in the Hofgarten, stroll through the Viktualienmarkt or take a break in one of the beautiful squares — a summer day in Munich can look this wonderful.

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Munich: Outdoors and virtually free

Summer fun in the Wetterstein mountain range

With its mountains and lakes, Bavaria's countryside is beautiful and varied, ideal for anyone who wants to keep active. Check-in presenter Nicole Frölich hikes and cycles in the Wetterstein mountain range.

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Hike & bike in Bavaria 

Winter fun on the Zugspitze

The Zugspitze is Germany's highest mountain. The new Eibsee cable car brings guests up to the summit in just 10 minutes. The climb through the Partnachklamm is much more romantic — a winter fairy tale for check-inpresenter Nicole Frölich, who enjoyed this trip to the full before the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis.

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Off to the Zugspitze!


Bavaria's traditional winter sports resort is located at the foot of the Zugspitze. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the annual New Year's ski jump of the Four Hills Tournament has been taking place on the Olympic ski jump site 1953, which tourists can also visit.

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Olympic Ski Jump, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The Bavarian Caribbean

The Kochelsee lake with the Herzogstand mountain and the neighboring Walchensee lake are the kind of Bavarian destination people dream of. They are also called the Bavarian Caribbean with mountain views.Check-in presenter Lukas Stege traveled to the beautiful pre-Alpine landscape before the coronavirus crisis .

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Check-in host Lukas Stege explores the Tölzer Land region

Upper Franconia

This, too, is inseparably linked with Bavaria: culinary delights. In Upper Franconia in northern Bavaria there are said to be the highest number per capita of butchers, confectioners and breweries in the world! Check-in presenter Lukas Stege thought that was a good reason to go and discover the region in person and traveled there before the coronavirus crisis. 

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Upper Franconia for bons vivants


UNESCO World Heritage, a world-renowned marionette theater and more — The Flying Guide shows you Augsburg, one of the oldest cities in Germany, from above!  

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Flying Guide: Augsburg

A highlight in a 360-degree video

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is in northern Bavaria. With its winding lanes, small half-timbered houses and defensive city wall, it's a typical medieval German town.  

Use the mouse on your computer or your finger on your smartphone to choose what you want to see. Click on the video and drag the image sections wherever you want. If you are using a PC, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser. And if you have VR glasses, you can watch the video in virtual reality.

Bavarian cuisine

Every trip also includes sampling the local cuisine. In Bavaria the fare is very hearty! Since you cannot travel to Germany at the moment, let us bring Bavarian cuisine home to you with a recipe to cook for yourself: bread dumplings with mushroom sauce.

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How to make Bavarian bread dumplings

Your trip to Germany

Are you looking for recommendations for your visit to Germany? We've got them: Tips for Germany — state by state.


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