The Palatinate Region - A Bicycle Tour along the German Wine Route | Discover Germany | DW | 06.10.2012
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Discover Germany

The Palatinate Region - A Bicycle Tour along the German Wine Route

In October the grape harvest reaches its high point in Germany. We look around a region that turns into a wine-lover's delight at this time of year: the German Wine Route in Rheinland-Pfalz, the Rhineland Palatinate.

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We explore the section of the German Cyclists' Wine Route between Deidesheim and Schweigen. In Deidesheim we sample regional cuisine of the highest order and cycle on to Hambach. Hambach Castle is considered the birthplace of democracy in Germany. From there we enjoy the panoramic view of the Rhine Valley. The best vineyards are on the south side of the Rhine plain, which rises up into the Palatinate Forest. We take part in a wine-tasting and visit one of the loveliest wine-making villages on the German Wine Route: Rhodt unter Rietburg.

From there, it's not far to Villa Ludwigshöhe, built as a summer residence for King Ludwig I of Bavaria, who enjoyed the mild climate and scenery in the Pfalz region. Our trip ends at the German Wine Gate in Schweigen, on the border to France.