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Scenic route

Is a road or path designed to lead past a pleasant view or nice scenery which is also often a less direct route. These have become popular tourist attractions.

Scenic routes are of great importance to tourism. One of the most popular and best known is 4,000 kilometer 82485 mi.) long Route 66 in the USA - running from Chicago to Santa Monica. In Europe, the Amalfi Drive in Italy is probably one of the most famous and infamous scenic routes. High up in the cliffs, originally built by the Romans, it meanders along the southern Italian coast from Naples to Amalfi. The 450 kilometer German Alpine Road connecting Lindau on Lake Constance with Schönau at the Königsee Lake is a scenic thrill. Created in 1927 it was Germany's first "theme holiday route". This is an automatic compilation of DW content pertaining to "scenic route".