Feedback on human rights, the Commonwealth Games and mental illness | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 07.01.2011
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Feedback on human rights, the Commonwealth Games and mental illness

Our readers and Asia Compact listeners love to send in their views. Here’s a selection from the past few weeks.


The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers and Asia Compact listeners. Not all comments have been published. Deutsche Welle reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of comment.

West Papua

The international community must put more pressure on Indonesia to investigate the killings and human rights abuses still being committed by the Indonesian police and military. Indonesia must not get away with this and pretend that everything is fine in West Papua. The blanket ban on foreign news media and journalist entering West Papua must be lifted immediately. Otherwise, how can the international community verify and confirm the Indonesian side of stories? No-one should believe them. - Luis Prai Wellip (via Facebook)

Nobel Peace Prize

In my opinion, China’s behavior backfired somewhat. The decision to exert pressure on certain nations to not attend the ceremony displays shortsightedness and fear. – Enno Stoltenberg , Zambia

The international community should put more pressure on China to release Liu Xiaobo. – Fred C. Twu, US

Cameron in China

Let’s be pragmatic about whether Western leaders should talk more about human rights in China. Do they have the moral authority to do so? Countries which in the past exploited China do not have that authority and would not be well received. If the topic were raised in a manner that were not patronizing or condescending by a Western country that had no history of exploitation in China in the 18th and 19th centuries, it would probably me more acceptable to the Chinese. – Andrew Lim, Malaysia

Wikileaks revelations on China-North Korea relations

China is embarrassed by the provocative aggressiveness of its North Korean ally. Supplying the DPRK with 90 percent of its fuel and 40 percent of its food, China is wondering what it is gaining from the relationship. Not very much, it would seem. The Cheonan sinking and Yeonpyeong Island artillery shelling are costing China international respect and status. – Dr Michael Vaughan, Australia

War and mental illness in Afghanistan

The only people who can claim a dubious success are the merchants of war – the military and industrial complex that got rich by the human sacrifices made at all levels. The Afghan people have not received what was promised by the US and ISAF forces – more freedom, an honest, democratically elected government and peace. – G. Gosau, Canada

This is so tragic. There are psychiatrists who deal with grief and loss in countries and populations after trauma. In this country, these people need the basics first – safety, a roof over their heads, food – and then their psychological needs can be met with help from other countries. Thank you for this article. – Penny T. Harris, US

Viktor Bout

The extradition of Viktor Bout makes sense but to be fair and consistent and avoid hypocrisy, the world court should also extradite and prosecute many Israeli and American arms dealers for doing exactly the same thing. – Kevin C. Cook, US

Commonwealth Games

With millions of tax payers’ hard-earned money being wasted on such a project, I am forced to wonder what the government was thinking when it decided to go for the Games. What was it hoping to achieve from them? What have we achieved? And why do we always have to imitate China? – Dr Ankush Nayyar, India

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