Berlin startup melds solar power with social media | Digital Europe | DW | 28.11.2011
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Digital Europe

Berlin startup melds solar power with social media

Changers is betting that by incentivizing the use of solar power through discounts in online retailers and through peer pressure, that more people will be driven to use portable solar power.


The humble calculator was one of the first pieces of fairly ubiquitous computing and by the time I got to school, every kid had one. And also by that stage almost all calculators had a little solar cell in it, that would power it up. We’re now seeing a return to that principle, with solar portable chargers emerging on the market with the capacity to charge your mobile phone or even your laptop. But one new company out of Berlin has just launched its solar charging kit. The startup has a unique system which integrates your charging with your online social networks. And what’s more, they also want to reward you, for every watt-hour you generate.

Report: Jonathan Gifford, Berlin

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