Angela Merkel Visits George Bush′s Texan Ranch | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 10.11.2007

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Angela Merkel Visits George Bush's Texan Ranch

Angela Merkel is in the United States for informal talks with George W. Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. The nuclear stand-off with Iran and peace in the Middle East are on the agenda.

The two leaders are expected to use the 20-hour visit to discuss the Middle East peace process, the struggle against international terrorism and the situation in Darfur. It is also an opportunity for a display of unity over opposition to Iran's controversial nuclear program.

Merkel has worked hard to mend fences with Washington following clashes between her predecessor, Gerhard Schröder and President Bush over the US-led invasion of Iraq. Her invitation to Crawford is seen as confirmation of improved relations between Berlin and Washington.

DW-WORLD.DE looks at the state of current trans-Atlantic relations.

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