Welcome to eco@africa | eco@africa | DW | 07.07.2017
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Welcome to eco@africa

Turning trash into art in Zimbabwe, fighting corruption in Nigeria, transporting cool goods and photographing grasslands! All this and much more on the latest eco@africa.

This week's eco@africa takes you around Europe, Africa and to the far reaches of the world in search of the perfect photo. 

First we finally visit our eco blogger Ursula Wittekind in Zanzibar. There she learned the language and has been able to live her dream of volunteering for an organization promoting renewable energies by bringing them to local communities.

Then we are off to Nigeria to see how one man is leading the fight against public corruption, after children died of lead poisoning in a small village. The government has promised to build a hospital and deliver fresh drinking water, but not everyone is convinced they will come through with their promises.

Back in Germany we visit researchers who have come up with a special solar-powered canister to keep milk cool for up to 12 hours. This could be a revolution in rural areas, where electricity is often a luxury. 

After that we see how a Zimbabwean artist collects cans and other waste material in the streets of Harare and turns it into bangles, necklaces, chandeliers, toys and even hats, while at the same time keeping his environment clean.

Next we follow a photographer as he travels the world in search of the perfect shot. His goal? To capture different grasslands throughtout the world and bring these amazing natural wonders to a wider audience.

Finally, we see how refrigerated truck in South Africa are being made greener.

Check out the show and let us know what you think at ecoafrica@dw.com 

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