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Trump: Nightmare for Europe?

January 19, 2017

NATO, he says, is "obsolete." And he's threatening to impose punitive trade tariffs. Donald Trump: a nightmare for Europe? Our guests: Erik Kirschbaum (LA Times), Ulrike Herrmann (taz), Tom Goeller (security affairs expert).


Our guests: 

Ulrike Herrmann is a business editor for the Berlin daily taz. She believes: „Trump might be an opportunity for Europe by forcing the EU to unite.”

Herrmann Ulrike Quadriga Porträt
Image: DW
DW  Quadriga Erik Kirschbaum
Image: DW/I. Rotter

Erik Kirschbaum is the Germany correspondent for the LA Times. He thinks: “Trump is a loose cannon. But he will soon learn the limits of his powers thanks to all the checks and balances in place with Congress and the Supreme Court.”

DW  Quadriga Tom Goeller
Image: DW/I. Rotter

Tom Goeller is a freelance journalist focusing on US and Security affairs. His opinion: “In the eyes of many Americans, Germany and other European countries behave like scroungers when it comes to Nato-membership. It is time for Chancelor Merkel to confront long time pampered Germany with reality.”

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