Trump: Nightmare for Europe? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 19.01.2017

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Trump: Nightmare for Europe?

NATO, he says, is "obsolete." And he's threatening to impose punitive trade tariffs. Donald Trump: a nightmare for Europe? Our guests: Erik Kirschbaum (LA Times), Ulrike Herrmann (taz), Tom Goeller (security affairs expert).

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Our guests: 

Ulrike Herrmann is a business editor for the Berlin daily taz. She believes: „Trump might be an opportunity for Europe by forcing the EU to unite.”

Erik Kirschbaum is the Germany correspondent for the LA Times. He thinks: “Trump is a loose cannon. But he will soon learn the limits of his powers thanks to all the checks and balances in place with Congress and the Supreme Court.”

Tom Goeller is a freelance journalist focusing on US and Security affairs. His opinion: “In the eyes of many Americans, Germany and other European countries behave like scroungers when it comes to Nato-membership. It is time for Chancelor Merkel to confront long time pampered Germany with reality.”