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Germany to pay more to Holocaust survivors

Chase Winter
August 15, 2019

Hundreds of extra euros per month will go to about 5,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel. More than 200,000 Holocaust survivors are still living in the country.

Israel Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial | Überlebender
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Terdjmann

Germany will make extra payments to Holocaust survivors, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Thursday.

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"The German government has just informed us that they will be giving a supplement to thousands of Holocaust survivors: Hundreds of euros per month. This is important. These people deserve it. I thank the German government," Netanyahu said on Twitter.

Netanyahu said money would be in addition to funds already provided by the Israeli government.

The German Finance Ministry told the DPA news agency that more than 5,000 people would receive the supplemental payments.

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An estimated 212,300 Holocaust survivors still live in Israel, according to the country's statistics agency.

Some six million Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps or were killed by German mobile commando units during World War II.

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