April 25th is Germany′s Day of the Tree | DW Travel | DW | 25.04.2018
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April 25th is Germany's Day of the Tree

There are about 90 billion trees in Germany. These forests make up almost a third of the country. Areas of recreation for locals and tourists.

International Tree Day has been celebrated in Germany since 1952. In many places it is used as an occasion for planting campaigns. Trees are oxygen producers and bind the climate-damaging CO2 - this makes them indispensable for climate protection. Forests offer numerous animal and plant species a habitat and recreation for humans.

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Germany is one of the most densely forested countries in the European Union. According to the German Forest Protection Association, the state with the most forests is Hesse. There, forests cover 42 percent of the land area. The dominant tree species are spruce, pine, beech and oak.

Many forest areas are designated as nature reserves. Five ancient beech forests in Germany, such as the Hainich, even have UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site status. If nature in Germany were free of all human influences, the whole country would be overgrown with similar forests.


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