Where will Europe′s energy come from in future? | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 20.05.2014
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Where will Europe's energy come from in future?

Europe's energy system is faced with numerous challenges, including volatile fossil fuel prices and geopolitical risks related to import dependency. DW gives an overview of energy policy strategies in the EU.

The European Union is struggling to coordinate its energy strategy. Different EU countries are faced with different uncertainties.

The crisis in Ukraine has highlighted Germany's high dependency on gas imports from Russia. Germany decided to phase out nuclear power three years ago, but the government has been criticized for how it has handlied the Energiewende, the transition to other sources of energy.

Denmark, meanwhile, ranks among the top fighters against climate change. The country plans to meet 100 percent of its energy needs with renewable sources of energy by 2050.

Poland, on the other hand, with its focus on nuclear, natural gas and coal, continues to rely on traditional, yet controversial energy sources. Renewable energy remains on the margins there.

In this dossier, DW gives an overview of energy policy strategies in the EU.

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