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Russia summons 3 ambassadors over Nord Stream probe

May 25, 2023

Moscow has summoned the German, Danish and Swedish ambassadors in protest of what it says are delayed efforts to investigate the cause of the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions last year.

The German embassy in Moscow
Russia protested the German, Danish and Swedish investigations into who is responsible for the Nord Stream explosions last yearImage: Petrov Sergey/Russian Look/IMAGO

Russia has summoned the ambassadors of Germany, Denmark and Sweden to protest a "complete lack of results" in a joint investigation into the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions last year.

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Thursday accused the three countries of dragging their feet and refusing to engage with Moscow.

"It has been noted that these countries are not interested in establishing the true circumstances of this sabotage. On the contrary, they are delaying their efforts and trying to conceal the tracks and the true perpetrators of the crime behind which we believe are well-known countries," it said.

The move also comes a month after Russia expelled more than 20 German diplomats in what it said was retaliation for Germany expelling Russian diplomats fairly soon after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Nord Stream probe ongoing

The United States and NATO have called the Nord Stream explosions "an act of sabotage" by an unknown actor, while Russia has blamed the West.

Neither side has provided evidence for their claims.

"It is no coincidence that 'leaked' improbable versions [of what happened] are dumped in the media to try to muddy the waters," Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. 

Several different reports have emerged on the pipeline's destruction in recent months, some seeming to implicate Russian involvement and others — perhaps most famously from US journalist Seymour Hersh — suggesting US involvement. 

On November 2022, Swedish authorities announced that traces of explosives had been found at the site of the leaks and confirmed the cause to be sabotage.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said it would keep trying to ensure that Germany, Denmark and Sweden would allow Moscow to participate in investigations.

German lawmaker on Nord Stream blasts: 'These are rumors, there is no proof'

zc/msh (Reuters, Interfax)