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Pigeon falls foul of speed camera

May 8, 2019

A speed camera in the small German town of Bocholt caught a pigeon swooping past well above the limit in a 30 kilometer-per-hour zone. The incident didn't ruffle enough feathers to warrant a major investigation.

A speed camera image of a pigeon
The speed camera image of a pigeon traveling 45 kilometers per hourImage: facebook.com/bocholt.city

The northwestern German town of Bocholt has posted a speed camera photo on Facebook showing a pigeon zooming by at 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour) — 15 kilometers over the limit. 

The post quipped that, since the pigeon was in a 30 kilometer-per-hour zone, the bird would have to pay a €25 ($28) fine.

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The photo came to light months after being taken in February, when it was shared on Bocholt's community Facebook page.

The city's press office told Germany's dpa news agency that, since then, it had been overwhelmed with media inquiries about the bird.

"Whether, and more particularly how the speedy bird can be made to pay the €25 ($28) speeding fine remains to be seen," the post said. However, the city administration was understood not to be appealing for witnesses.

The post has received hundreds of likes since it was first shared on Facebook.

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