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NATO at 75: More Allies, Less Unity?

July 11, 2024

NATO’s 75th anniversary summit takes place in the shadow of unprecedented tensions and turbulence. How might a second Trump presidency undermine the US commitment to Europe...and how defensible is Eastern Europe, in the face of Russian revanchism? Our guests: Marcus Keupp (Military economist), Rafael Loss (ECFR), Kristi Raik (DGAP)



To The Point (TOPO) am 11.07.2024
Image: DW


Marcus Keupp 

leads the Department of Defense Economics at the Military Academy of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. 



To The Point (TOPO) am 11.07.2024
Image: DW


Rafael Loss

is a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations whose work focuses on security and defence in the Euro-Atlantic area.




To The Point (TOPO) am 11.07.2024
Image: DW


Kristi Raik

is a member of the governing council of the International Centre for Defence and Security and formerly led the prestigious Estonian Foreign Policy Institute.

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