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Germany: More chocolate Santas produced in 2022

December 3, 2022

More orders from retailers and expanding exports are behind an increase in the number of chocolate Santas produced in Germany this year.

Nikolaus, Schokoladennikolaus
Image: Fleig/Eibner-Pressefoto/picture alliance

Germany's confectionery industry is booming this time of year, producing some 169 million Christmas chocolates and Santa Claus miniatures.

The Bundesverband der Deutschen Süßwarenindustrie e.V. (BDSI) said the number represents a 5.6% increase over 2021.

More Christmas-themed chocolates were produced this year to cater to higher orders from food retailers as well as a growth in the export business, the BDSI said in a statement on Friday.

"In difficult and uncertain political times, it is evident that confectionery is one of the little pleasures of everyday life," said Carsten Bernoth, chief executive officer of BDSI.

Where do the chocolate Santas go?

Nearly two-thirds (some 109 million) of chocolate Santas and Christmas chocolates have been delivered to German food retailers and department stores in recent weeks. They are ready for local consumption as the country goes into holiday mode.

The remaining one-third (around 60 million Santas) was destined to cross the border. 

Many landed in neighboring European countries, the BDSI said. Others ended up in the UK, the US, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Christmas Market along Lindau's Historic Port, Lindau im Bodensee, Germany, Europe
Christmas and the holiday season are a time of year where consumption of themed chocolate peaksImage: Miles Ertman/robertharding/picture alliance

Regardless of their destination, the BDSI stressed that German confectionaries are prepared to offer a variety of festive chocolates to satisfy different tastes and diets.

"There is a suitable product for every consumer's wish, be it with melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate, white chocolate, filled with pralines or with a high cocoa content, as well as in a wide variety of sizes, motifs and shapes," the German statement read.

The German confectionery association also added that local confectioneries have been mindful of the growing interest in vegan products, and have many vegan options on offer.

Trays of milk and dark chocolate Santas
Chocolate Santas come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types of chocolateImage: Tesson/Andia/IMAGO

rmt/sms (dpa, BDSI)