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German brewery makes beer with sewage water

Muteti Ngwili Weissenburg, Germany
June 26, 2024

A German brewery is using treated wastewater to brew beer. The project aims to demonstrate how modern water treatment methods can cut water usage.


With temperatures rising worldwide and drought becoming more frequent, water scarcity is a growing problem. Cutting our usage and learning to recycle our wastewater are key as the world seeks to adapt to climate change.

One German company has decided to produce the nation's favorite beverage from treated sewage. Customers say the Reuse beer tastes just as good as other brands.

Wastewater is increasingly being seen as a resource. But globally, 80% of all wastewater is still discharged into the environment without any treatment.

The sewage used by the brewery goes through different purification stages before it's considered safe to use. This process does push up costs, but the initiative shows what's possible as water becomes an ever more precious resource.