France′s Next President: Sarko vs. Sego | Europe | News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 07.05.2007

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France's Next President: Sarko vs. Sego

Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy won the French presidency against Socialist Segolene Royal on Sunday. Read DW-WORLD.DE's dossier in the run-up to one of the most exciting races in recent French history.

On May 6, French voters chose conservative Nicolas Sarkozy of the country's ruling UMP party to move into the Elysee palace instead of Segolene Royal, a socialist, who would have been the first female president of the republic.

After emerging as the top vote-getter in the first round on April 22, Sarkozy held a clear advantage and surveys showed that he was set to beat Royal in the second vote.

But analysts still thought Royal stood a chance to become president as she could unite the "Anyone but Sarkozy" voters behind her.

Check out the candidates and the issues in this special DW-WORLD.DE dossier.

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