France: The Champagne War | European Journal | DW | 28.01.2011
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European Journal

France: The Champagne War

For the first time since 1927, the wine-growing boundaries in the French province of Champagne are being re-drawn. There's serious money at stake and a heated dispute has broken out amongst winegrowers.


Champagner-Produktion in Frankreich

One hectare of land in the famous Champagne grape-growing region is worth about one million euros. Similar land just outside the designated boundaries is only worth 10 thousand euros. The vintners who own land inside the official Champagne growing area don't want the regional boundaries extended, fearing it could lead to a drop in prices. But those who were previously outside the zone are now looking forward to a windfall. All the winegrowers in the region grow the same type of grapes. But only those grown inside the designated area can officially call their sparkling wine champagne.