A Viewers′ Choice of 2011 TOPS - Have a Go, Win a Prize! | Arts.21 - The Culture Magazine | DW | 03.08.2010
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A Viewers' Choice of 2011 TOPS - Have a Go, Win a Prize!

Every week, ARTS.21 presents its selection of TOP3 cultural favorites. But what is the choice of our viewers?


Write in and tell us what fascinates you the most. The result - the ARTS.21 viewers 2011 TOPs! - will be presented in the show at the end of the year. And it's worth taking part, because every month you can win an exclusive limited-edition ARTS.21/KULTUR.21 bag tailored to the show design, in four stylish versions: Classic, City, Country and Pop...as the name of a lucky viewer gets pulled out of a hat. A prize to look forward to... We are just waiting for your feedback!!!

This year the Goethe Institute is celebrating an important birthday. Which one?:

1. 25th birthday?

2. 60th birthday?

3. 100th birthday?

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