Turkey′s trouble with acquatic aliens | Global Ideas | DW | 14.10.2014
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Global Ideas

Turkey's trouble with acquatic aliens

Turkey’s Gökova Bay is home to an array of alien species that are wiping out native marine inhabitants, worsening a fishing crisis. Protected zones, patrols and an information campaign are trying to tackle the problem.

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Project goal: protecting biodiversity in the Gökova Bay in southwestern Turkey
Implementation: Projects by the Mediterranean Conservation Society involve patrolling protection zones, monitoring marine life as well as promoting sustainable fishing
Biodiversity: the Gökova Bay is home to the endangered sandbar shark. Invasive species such as the rabbitfish or seabream are threatening the delicate balance of the ecosystem

Goköva Bay in southwestern Turkey is a paradise for several fish species, even for many who don’t even belong there. Invasive species such as the rabbitfish are posing a danger to native creatures such as the sandbar shark whose numbers have dramatically plummeted. And, that in turn is posing a further problem for fishermen by decimating fish stocks in the region. The Turkish marine protection group “Mediterranean Conservation Society” has set up several protected zones in the bay to preserve biodiversity. Fishing is strictly off limits in the areas and rangers patrol the waters to enforce the ban as well as sensitize fishermen and tourists to the problem.

A film by Mabel Gundlach

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