Syrian refugees struggle to find a home | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 27.10.2014
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Syrian refugees struggle to find a home

Top diplomats from 40 countries gathered in Berlin on Tuesday for an international conference dealing with Syria's refugees. The situation in neighboring Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey is on the verge of collapse.

Since the outbreak of civil war in April 2011, estimates say close to five million Syrians have fled their homeland, the most of any international crisis since the foundation of the UNHCR. With the onslaught of "Islamic State" militants continuing unabated in the north of the country, those numbers are expected to rise further.

The Berlin conference was aimed at establishing better coordination of aid efforts, in particular, more integration of emergency assistance and long-term support for the neighboring nations of Turkey and Lebanon.

Consult the DW articles below for an overview of the situation in Lebanon, Turkey - and also Germany - on the effort to help Syrians find refuge.

Syrian Refugee Conference