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Jeremy Corbyn
Image: picture alliance/AP Photo/F. Augstein

Stasi archive says it has no file on UK's Corbyn

Rebecca Staudenmaier with AP
February 22, 2018

Following British media reports that East German secret police had a file on Jeremy Corbyn, the Stasi archive has said no such file exists. Corbyn is under fire over reports he met with a Czechoslovak spy in the 1980s.


The Stasi Records Agency said on Wednesday that despite British media reports, there are no documents mentioning British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn or shadow House Secretary Diane Abbott.

Suffering in the East German Stasi prison

A spokeswoman for the agency in charge of the former East German secret police files emphasized in a statement that the archives only release Stasi files to the people mentioned in the documents, or to media or researchers who have the permission from the person in question.

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However, due to "a discussion in Great Britain about the possible mention of Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn in Stasi files" and the "rampant speculation," the Stasi Records Agency chose to speak out on the matter.

"Research into the Ministry for State Security [Stasi] transmissions has not produced any documents or other information about Jeremy Corbyn or Dianne Abbott," the agency said.

The British blog Guido Fawkes published on Wednesday an alleged Stasi file on the Labour Action for Peace group in which Corbyn was involved and later went on to lead.

The alleged secret police files stated that the Labour Action for Peace "take positions on basic issues that are largely in line with those of the socialist states."

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Corbyn under fire over spy meeting allegations

Corbyn has been on the defense since reports circulated in British newspapers that he gave information to a spy from former Czechoslovakia during the Cold War.

A spokesperson for Corbyn said he met with a Czechoslovak diplomat in 1986 but denied that the Labour leader gave any information to the man.

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Any claim that Corbyn was "an agent, asset or informer for any intelligence agency is entirely false and a ridiculous smear," the spokesperson added.

Those initial reports were followed by further allegations that the former East German secret police compiled a file on Corbyn, leading to pressure from conservative politicians for Corbyn to request his file and make it public.

"Where there are allegations of this sort, members of parliament should be prepared to be open and transparent," British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday in response to a question about Corbyn's alleged Stasi file.

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