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Shifting powers - NATO and the Global South

July 9, 2024

NATO sees itself as the strongest and most successful defense alliance in the world. But this view is not universal. Countries in Africa and Asia regard the organization with skepticism and distrust, accusing it of double standards and hypocrisy.


Russia’s war on Ukraine has further divided the world and revealed a deep disconnect between NATO countries and the so-called Global South.

The West considers Russia’s aggression as a blatant violation of international law. Emerging powers like India or South Africa, however, refuse to cut ties with the Kremlin.

The documentary analyses how the disconnect came about and what the prevailing perspectives are in Africa and Asia. Can the West write the concerns off as pure Russian disinformation? Or is the mistrust of NATO – a defense alliance formed 75 years ago – deeply rooted in its own history and actions?

We speak to decision makers and advisors in South Africa and India, but also in the US and Europe, about the different views of Russia's war in Ukraine and NATO's support for Kyiv.

The film seeks answers on whether there can be a path to reconciliation between NATO and the NATO-skeptical countries in the Global South. And what role – if any – the NATO alliance can play in an emerging multipolar world.