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Russia's war on Ukraine: No strategy in the West?

February 22, 2024

Ukraine's position looks increasingly precarious as it fights off multiple onslaughts by Russian troops – as the supply of Western weapons dwindles. Meanwhile NATO members fear they could be Putin's next targets. How can Russia be stopped? Our guests: Sabine Adler (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), Rafael Loss (ECFR), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

TTP E Sabine Adler
Image: DW


Sabine Adler reports for the German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk Kultur. She’s an Eastern Europe expert and has just published a book on what will become of Russia.


TTP TTPD+E Rafael Loss
Image: DW



Rafael Loss is a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. His work focuses on security and defence in the Euro-Atlantic area.


TTP TTPE Roman Goncharenko
Image: DW



Roman Gonscharenko is a news editor on DW’s Europe and Russia desk, and frequently reports from and on Ukraine.

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