Munich - Exploring the City’s Museums | Discover Germany | DW | 23.03.2013
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Discover Germany

Munich - Exploring the City’s Museums

The city of Munich was shaped by the Bavarian kings’ passion for art and architecture. Museums such as the Glyptothek, the Alte Pinothek, and the Neue Pinothek are justly famous the world over. And the city isn’t resting on its laurels - there are also new museums and expansions of old ones in the works.

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The Glyptothek is Munich’s oldest museum. It was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1830 to house his collection of classical Greek and Roman sculpture. Not far away, art lovers can pay a visit to a newcomer, the Brandhorst Museum. It opened in 2009 and houses modern and contemporary artworks. Then there’s also the Lenbachhaus, renowned for its "Blaue Reiter” collection. Now with a spectacular new annex building, the museum is set to reopen in May.