Millions of Germans want to work more | News | DW | 16.01.2020

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Millions of Germans want to work more

Large numbers of German workers are unhappy with the amount of time they spend on the job. And it's not just because they feel overworked.

Millions of Germans wanted to work more in 2018, according to results of a "micro-census" researched by Germany's statistics office and published on Thursday.

Around 2.2 million workers aged 15 to 74 and working on average 28.9 hours per week wanted an extra 10.9 hours' work each week in 2018.

However, the micro-census also found that 1.4 million participants wanted to work less. These respondents were working on average 41.6 hours per week and said they wanted to work on average 10.8 hours less.

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Geography makes a difference for women

Those working full-time in Germany were working on average 41.4 hours per week, and those working part-time were working a 20-hour week on average, according to the statistics.

However, the study also showed that part-time had a different meaning for women depending on where they live — in western Germany, women working part-time were working on average 20 hours a week, whereas women working part-time in Germany's east were working an average of 24.4 hours.

Even though women working part-time in west Germany worked less than their eastern counterparts, they less frequently and less strongly felt that they wanted to work more.

The household survey is Europe's largest to be carried out on a yearly basis. The purpose is to provide an overview of the social and economic situation of people living in Germany and the job market.

kmm/rt (dpa,AFP)

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