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Merkel: Racist attacks in Germany 'deepest concern'

March 2, 2020

The German chancellor's comments came as the government met on how to tackle racism following extremist attacks. She said everyone in Germany has the right to feel safe "regardless of their skin color or faith."

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes the participants of a meeting with representatives of migrant organisations on the occasion of the 11th Integration Summit in the Federal Chancellery.
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/B. von Jutrczenka

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday the country's fight against racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia was the government's "deepest concern."

The German leader's comments come as cabinet members met with leaders of migrant groups to discuss ways to protect citizens from right-wing violence and threats, following deadly extremist attacks. 

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Local politicians under attack

Merkel said her government had already initiated a set of measures to combat extremism after a gunman targeted a synagogue in Halle last year

"We hope this will have an effect," she said, but added that "this doesn't change the way you feel."

Merkel said everyone in Germany "regardless of their skin color or faith" deserve to feels safe in the country. 

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Interior Minister Horst Seehofer on Saturday announced the creation of an "independent expert group on Islamophobia," which emulates current ministerial panels on anti-Semitism and anti-ziganism. 

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