Lucas Hernandez: Bayern Munich star avoids jail in Spain | News | DW | 27.10.2021

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Lucas Hernandez: Bayern Munich star avoids jail in Spain

A Madrid court has suspended a six-month prison term for Bayern defender Lucas Hernandez. The player had faced jail for breaking a restraining order imposed in a domestic violence case.

Lucas Hernandez

The French international will have to pay a fine and stay out of trouble for four years

Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez on Wednesday avoided going to jail for disobeying a restraining order imposed after a fight with his partner.

He had been sentenced to six months in prison after the pair were caught together in Spain while on their way home from the United States.

What did the court say?

The Provincial Court of Madrid on Wednesday said it accepted an appeal by Hernandez.

"We consider that the appeal should be upheld and agree to the suspension of the execution of the custodial sentence imposed," the court said.

"The suspension of the sentence is for a period of four years — conditional on Hernandez "not committing any new crime during that time."

The court also ordered that Hernandez pay a fine of €96,000 euros (about $111,500).

The jail term for breaking the order was imposed in 2019, the same year Hernandez signed for Bayern, and he appealed at the time.

Lucas Hernandez and his wife Amelia Llorente

Hernandez and Lorente had both been subject to a restraining order, although she was never officially notified

It was the rejection of that appeal, on the grounds that he was a repeat offender, that led to the latest proceedings in Madrid.

Couple sentenced to community service

The case involving the French international dates back to 2017 when, as an Atletico Madrid player, he was convicted after a fight with his girlfriend Amelia Lorente. She was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

They were both sentenced to 31 days of community service. Restraining orders were also imposed, preventing Hernandez and Lorente from being within 500 meters of one another.

The couple were later married and Hernandez was arrested for breaking their restraining order when they flew back to Europe from their honeymoon.

The pair were intercepted at Madrid airport and the footballer, a 2018 World Cup-winner with France, was detained for several hours before being released.

Lorente was not arrested because she had not been formally notified of her own restraining order.

rc/rt (dpa, AFP, EFE)

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