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Grandmothers and Data Hunters on Safari in South Africa

March 1, 2024

A team of South African grandmothers has been equipped with tablets to collect data on plants and animals in the African wilderness - with technology they’ve never used before to support a conservation project.

Global Us vom 04.03.2024
Image: NDR


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Global Us vom 04.03.2024 - Chennai Indien Taucherin
Image: DW

Child Scuba Diver Spearheads Plastic Clean-up in India

A 9-year-old gathers plastic trash with her diving instructor father off the coast of Chennai. The duo has sparked a movement against marine pollution. Their regular underwater cleanups benefit dugongs and other aquatic life.






Kolumbien Migranten aus Haiti am Darien Gap nach Panama
Image: Jan Sochor/picture alliance

An escape through jungle hell in Colombia

The jungle between Colombia and Panama, known as the Darién Gap, is a major migration route but one of the most dangerous in the world. More than half a million people embarked on the journey in 2023 alone.





Niger Wüstenstadt Agadez
Image: Nature Picture Library/IMAGO

Niger – making a new home in a transit country

Adam and Sefedine are friends from Sudan. They wanted to flee to Europe, but after an arduous journey, they opted to stay in Agadez in Niger. They’ve started a successful taxi business there and settled into 






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