Learning with Global Ideas | Global Ideas | DW | 08.07.2020
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Global Ideas

Learning with Global Ideas

Are you looking for engaging ways to explain complex environmental issues to high school children? Global Ideas learning packs are full of ideas and guidance.

Environmental protection is important, but why? Global Ideas multimedia learning packs present the answers to complex issues in constructive and engaging ways.

Global Ideas offers carefully crafted teaching materials on key environmental topics on a regular basis. All the materials may be used free of charge by educational institutions for their non-commercial purposes. They are targeted at students aged 12 to 16.

Each pack is available in English, German and Spanish. Other language versions can be found here:
www.dw.com/umwelt-bildung (German)
www.dw.com/educacion-ambiental (Spanish)

Learning pack #6: Blue Gold: The dwindling resource of water

Drinking water is one of our most precious resources. But climate change is making water increasingly scarce, access to it more and more difficult. What can we do to ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water? 

Learning pack #5: Pollinators under threat

More and more pollinators around the world are vanishing. That's a threat to biodiversity as well as our food security. What can we do to protect bees, flies, butterflies and other pollinating creatures?


Learning pack #4: When food becomes trash

Every year, some 1.3 billion tons of food end up in the garbage, even though much of it would still be edible. Why do we throw away so much food, and how does that waste impact the environment and the climate?

Learning pack #3: Urban green spaces

What do urban kids, picnic lovers, animals and bees have in common? They all need nature to be happy. A learning pack about the discovery and creation of green oases in the city.

Learning pack #2: Protecting our forests - A vital ecosystem under threat

Forests are often called the "Earth's green lung," because they store CO2 and produce oxygen. They also provide food and shelter for humans and animals. But what happens if our forests disappear and what can we do to help protect them?

Learning pack #1: Plastic waste and its environmental impact

Today, plastic is literally everywhere. It's used to package food and is found in cosmetics, it piles up on beaches, streets and even in the oceans. Change is urgent — this learning pack shows why.

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