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Environmental education: Multimedia learning packs

Sabrina Weber | Leonie Rölle-Dahl | Kerstin Palme | Kirsten Funck
July 8, 2020

Want to inspire young people to protect the environment? Use our digital learning packs for teaching online or in the classroom!

DW Global Ideas Lernpakete (Picureteaser zu den Downloads für Lehrkräfte)

Games, films, articles and interactive worksheets provide information on environmental and climate protection, as well as offering possible solutions to these problems. Children and young people can create a connection to the living environment around them and get ideas for experiments and handicrafts. The learning packs contain easy-to-use handouts to help educators prepare lessons. 

For distance learning additional interactive workbooks are available to download.

All the materials may be used free-of-charge by educational institutions for non-commercial purposes. They are targeted at students aged 12 to 16. 

All learning packs can be found below under "Reports & Analysis".


Other language versions can be found here:
www.dw.com/umwelt-bildung (German)
www.dw.com/educacion-ambiental (Spanish)


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