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Learning pack #6: The dwindling resource of water

Kerstin Palme | Leonie Rölle-Dahl
July 8, 2020

Drinking water is one of our most precious resources. But climate change is making water increasingly scarce, access to it more and more difficult. What can we do to ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water?

DW Global Ideas Lernpaket #6 Trinkwasser Teaser

Because two thirds of our planet is covered in water, it would be easy to assume there's enough of this vital liquid for everyone. But not all water is created equally. Most of it is in our salty oceans and seas. Just 3% globally comes in the form of freshwater and the majority of that is stored as ice at the poles.

That means only a fraction of the global water store is available to drink. And that small amount is not evenly distributed. While some people can flush their toilets with water that's good enough to drink, others have little choice but to rely on polluted rivers, lakes and ponds. 

Climate change is exacerbating the problem. Droughts and dry periods are even affecting regions that previously had sufficient water supplies. When rain does fall, the ground is too parched to absorb it.

How can we tackle a lack of drinking water? What can each of us do to address the problem? These are just some of the questions answered in this learning pack.

The materials are suitable for children and young people aged 12 and upwards, and will aid teachers in addressing the issue of drinking water in an accessible and interactive way. They may be used free-of-charge for non-commercial purposes.

The learning pack includes:

  • 1 booklet for teachers (for classroom teaching) 
  • 1 workbook for participants (for distance learning) 
  • 15 quiz cards  
  • 4 films and 4 articles  (the links to the reports can be found in the teaching booklet and workbook)

For in-person lessons:
Please begin by downloading the "booklet for teachers" when you are preparing your lessons. There you will find copies of all of the worksheets, including explanatory handouts and solutions. You will find the booklet available as a PDF file below under "Explore More."

For distance learning: 
When conducting lessons online, please also download the interactive "workbook for participants" along with the "booklet for teachers." You will find both under "Explore More." You may then send the workbook PDF file to participants as an email attachment. The workbook includes the worksheets but not the solutions. Participants may then complete their work alone on their computers, save the work and mail it back to you. Participants will require Acrobat Reader to complete the booklet. It is available to download for free.

Write to us 
If you have questions about our Global Ideas learning packs or if you need a print version of the material including the DVD, please contact us at: globalideas@dw.com

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