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Germany charges 12 in far-right 'terror' plot: reports

November 12, 2020

The suspects are accused of planning attacks on politicians, asylum-seekers and Muslims, according to sources. Authorities have warned that far-right extremism poses a growing threat in Germany.

Two policeman stand next to police vans
Image: Jens Büttner/dpa/picture alliance

German prosecutors have laid charges against 12 alleged members and supporters of a far-right terror cell, security sources said Thursday. 

The men were arrested in nationwide raids in February. 

Eleven of the suspects stand accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and weapons offenses, according to regional public broadcaster SWR, which first reported on the charges. The 12th is accused of supporting a terror group.

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Right-wing plot to generate 'civil war'

The suspects are believed to have set up a "right-wing terrorist organization" with the goal of "destabilising and ultimately overthrowing" Germany's democratic order, prosecutors said when they announced the arrests in February.

They allegedly planned to spark "a civil-war-like situation ... via as yet undefined attacks on politicians, asylum seekers and people of Muslim faith."

The group's members, all of whom are German citizens, allegedly held regular meeting led by two prime suspects, identified only as Werner S. and Tony E. 

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Right-wing terror groups have drawn the attention of authorities after the 2019 murder of conservative local politician Walter Lübcke and an attack on a synagogue in eastern city of Halle in October last year. Both cases were linked to the extreme right.

In December, 600 new posts were announced targeting far-right extremist threats. Federal police said at the time that they had identified 48 extreme-right people who could carry out an attack.

nm/rt (AFP, dpa)