Energy for the Future | Living Planet | DW | 08.06.2004
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Living Planet

Energy for the Future

The threat of climate change through the extensive use of fossil fuels are creating high demand for alternative energy sources. German know-how is at the forefront in finding cleaner energy.

The threat of climate change remains a growing environmental problem. But the use of renewable energies could thwart this development. Energy from wind, water, solar power or biomass plays an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Renewables are also essential in achieving sustainable development at local, national and global levels. These energy forms can positively influence the security of energy supplies, economic development, job creation and poverty eradication.

Germany hosted the International Conference for Renewable Energies in Bonn from June 1-4, 2004. More than 3,000 delegates met to chart the way towards an expansion of renewable energies worldwide, as set out at the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2002.

Germany is already a world leader in solar energy, holding the number two spot behind Japan. But it is also home to other ventures using renewable energies. German know-how and financing support innovative projects elsewhere, as well.

In the run-up to the Bonn conference, DW-RADIO sent its reporters to take a closer look at this work.

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