Christmas Gardens open in Berlin, Dresden and Stuttgart | DW Travel | DW | 14.11.2018
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Christmas Gardens open in Berlin, Dresden and Stuttgart

The Christmas Garden is being held for the third time in the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem. This year the event will also take place in Stuttgart at Wilhelma and in Dresden in the garden of Schloss Pillnitz.

Until January 6, the Botanical Garden in Berlin will be transformed into a glowing magical forest. Under the motto "The magical journey begins at dusk", visitors can be put in a festive mood. The electricity for the over 1,500,000 light spots in the Christmas Garden Berlin is to come 100 percent from renewable energies.

Christmas Garden Berlin 2016 (Imago)

Glitter tree in the Botanical Garden Berlin

Since 2013, the event has been very popular in England as "Christmas at Kew ". In 2016, the concept was brought to Germany for the first time. Cities like Dresden and Stuttgart with their Christmas Gardens want to be as successful as Berlin last year, with more than 145,000 visitors. The ticket for an adult costs between 17 and 19 euros.

The venues in Dresden and Stuttgart, like the Botanical Garden in Berlin, have their own special charm. Historic parks and impressive architecture provide the stage for the Christmas illumination.

Schloss Pillnitz (picture-alliance/dpa/M. Hiekel)

Pillnitz Palace and Park

Pillnitz Castle and Park are located directly on the Elbe river near Dresden, surrounded by vineyards and forests. The former pleasure palace of August the Strong combines baroque architecture and garden art.

Christmas Garden - Dresden (picture-alliance/dpa/S. Kahnert)

Pillnitz Castle with atmospheric lighting

The Christmas Garden will take place from November 15, 2018 to January 6, 2019, when the Schlosspark will be open from 4 p.m. for visitors with a valid event ticket only.

Seerosenteich Wilhelma Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland, Europa (picture-alliance/imagebroker/M. Weber)

Wilhelma in Stuttgart

Wilhelma is the only zoological and botanical garden in Germany and unique in the world with its combination of zoo, botanical garden and historical park. The water lilies in the 650 square meter pond in the Moorish Garden can carry a weight of up to 70 kilograms on a single leaf.

Christmas Garden Berlin 2016 (Imago)

Floating lights enchant the night

At the Christmas Garden from November 15 to January 6, Wilhema will be transformed into a fairy tale landscape with light displays in the once royal park, with magical Moorish architecture and illuminated figures.

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