CETA, Brexit, Russia: EU on the brink? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 31.10.2016
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CETA, Brexit, Russia: EU on the brink?

CETA, Brexit and armed conflicts in Europe’s neighborhood are putting the EU to a crucial test.

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Unsere Gäste:

Ulrike Herrmann is a business editor at the Berlin daily taz, She says: “The EU will not break apart - neither over Brexit nor over CETA.”


Malte Lehming is an opinion page editor at the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel. He says: “Even if an agreement on CETA can be reached, the EU still is experiencing its worst crisis ever.”


Andreas Kluth is the Germany correspondent of The Economist. "Six decades after its founding, all forces in the EU today are centrifugal. It's hard to be optimistic that in another six decades, the union will still exist as such."