Celebrating Christmas worldwide | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 25.12.2013
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Celebrating Christmas worldwide

Around the world, Christmas is in some ways the same - yet also different. It's known as an occasion to spend time with those close to you, as well as to help out those in need. Sustainability is a rising trend.

Carols, colorful decorated trees and copious presents are probably the first things that come to mind when you think about Christmas. But Christmas traditions vary greatly around the world.

Christmas markets with stalls that offer a variety of presents, mulled wine and tasty snacks are very common and popular in Europe. And Christmas music is well-known worldwide. But this is also a time of year when many people focus on helping the needy. And sustainability appears to be a rising trend, at least in Germany. DW takes a look at how Christmas was observed around the globe.

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