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Bundesliga Frauen 22. Spieltag FC Bayern München - SGS Essen
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/P. Kneffel

Bayern win Bundesliga

Alex Chaffer
May 10, 2015

It might have been a difficult few weeks for the men's team, but Bayern Munich's women have matched their male counterparts by clinching the Bundesliga title. It was the final day of the season.


After victory over SGS Essen on Sunday, Bayern Munich's women not only claimed top honors, but did the men one better by winning their title without losing a game.

Heading into the game, Bayern needed to win and hope that Wolfsburg failed to claim a victory at FFC Frankfurt. The second and third placed teams drew 1-1, meaning Bayern's 2-0 win over Essen was enough to clinch only their second Bundesliga title.

Like the men's team, Bayern Munich failed to clinch the German Cup title, which Wolfsburg won over Turbine Postdam last month. They did not play in the Women's Champions League after failing to qualify last season.

It is the first time that a club has won the men's and women's Bundesliga double.